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The smooth UX your users would expect from a traditional web2 platform


Novel Zero Knowledge Accumulators bundle transactions to handle unlimited free interactions


Users communicate P2P, creating trustless agreement at the speed of their internet connection

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RECENT Articles
Recent Articles

Death to Metamask

Yesterday, I spent $14 and 45 minutes of my life across three platforms in an attempt to buy one thing. This is not bad UX, this is a catastrophe of a “permissionless, instant settlement layer” and it must end. Here’s how.

Testnet Launch & Guide

The Ontropy Network is live! In today’s short post, I’m going to walk you through how to appreciate the benefits and earn rewards from this exciting innovation. Let’s dive in ->

Ontropy Network

For our Ontroopers, it has been 6 months since the release of Alpha 2, our user-tested gaming application. Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Ontropy Network this week, enabling you to load and send funds to anyone with one click, no gas, and instant finality! Keep reading to learn how to get whitelisted.


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